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Changing memory timings - support added.

I just committed code to the CVS that allows you to change (not only view) the memory timings on Intel 975x chipsets, most likely it also works on 965 variants. See README in directory memorytimings/.

Note that this is a dangerous operation and hangs your box easily.

Posted by Martin Cracauer 2007-04-11

First files uploaded - cpu core temp and memory timings

I uploaded the first two utilities to the CVS tree. There are READMEs in the directories.

The first tool is to see and manipulate memory timings on Intel 975X chipsets (most likely works on 965* chipsets).

The second one is to read the digital temperature sensor in Core2 CPUs (Conroe etc.).

Both are Linux only for now, FreeBSD on request.

To use these tools you'll have to have enough of the kernel environment around to compile modules. That's typically not the case for Debian and Debian derivates such as Ubuntu.

Posted by Martin Cracauer 2007-03-21

Just a moment more.

Just to let you know, I am moving in 10 days and I will fill in the source code and download after Christmas.

We have code to clock most NForce4/NForcePro boards, a bunch of Intel 775/771 boards (raw interface) and code to read the digital thermal sensor in Intel Core2 CPUs. If you need this in an emergency please email me or post in the Linux section at forums.2cpu.com.

Thank you.

Posted by Martin Cracauer 2006-12-08