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IconFamily 0.9.4 released!

  • Troy Stephens
    Troy Stephens

    Hi IconFamily users,

    Thanks to Peter Hosey and Jens Ayton, there's a 0.9.4 release of IconFamily that adds 64-bit support and fixes various other issues:

    - Moved off 32-bit-only Carbon Scrap Manager APIs. IconFamily's "Scrap" API methods (+canInitWithScrap, etc.) now use NSPasteboard under the hood.
    - Project now builds for Intel 64-bit (x86_64).
    - New "icns-pasteboard" project adds command-line tools for testing copy/paste of .icns data.
    - Fixed setting the Invisible bit on the "Icon\r" file inside a directory when setting a custom icon on that directory. Patch submitted by Timothy McIntosh in SF #2794260; thanks!
    - Added a menu item to the "MakeThumbnail" example project for applying custom icons to files and folders.
    - Added a -finalize method, to allow use by garbage-collected client apps.
    - Enabled more warnings when building.
    - Fixed build warnings, and some potential leaks.

    See the "Download" page to get the latest distribution.

    For svn repository access, see the instructions in this earlier forum post:


    I've tagged the 0.9.4 release using the usual convention, copying the trunk over to:


    Enjoy, and please post here about any problems you run into.