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Minor touchup

Implemented Barkhouse-san's suggestions:

  • Cylinder.gif: Removed "ugly pink and blue splotches"

  • Gearwheel.gif: Palette transparency set properly

  • TreeMinus.gif & TreeMinus.gif: Moved to 16x16 collection and increased in size to 20x20

  • Users2.gif: Removed as it is a copy of Users.gif

Posted by Michael Westbay 2001-02-25

Welcome to the Icon Collection

Dean S. Jones started this Icon collection back in 1998 in hopes that it would be useful to the Java developer community. Since then, he's become involved with other things, and his collection, used in a large number of projects, Open Source and commercial, stopped growing.

Then, in October of 2000, I tried to donate some icons to the collection at:

http://jfa.javalobby.org/projects/icons/index.html... read more

Posted by Michael Westbay 2001-01-24