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#255 beryl/compiz compatablity


I am not sure what it take to impliment such compatablity but it could enhance icewm's longevity as 3d cards get cheaper and the 3d desktop become standard (if it does)

perhaps icewm's decorations could be displayed as part of the window's guts and beryl/compiz could continue as the WM with a one or zero pixel border

cb88 --puppylinux cusbrar2>at<yahoo?dot?com


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    I would also love this enhancement in icewm!
    Even on older hardware, I enjoy beryl / compiz-fusion, as do most of my colleagues at work (typically under Gnome, but some with KDE). In my circle of contacts, beryl/compiz is very common. I would love this under icewm also.

    Thank-you for considering!

  • Lexi

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    I'd also love to have this feature :-)

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    To put one more suppporting voice ....till now using icewm on everyone of my systems, now i saw compiz installed and it would great to have some kind of fusion ...;-)

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    Long time IceWM user here and I registered just to throw my support behind this idea. I love IceWM's speed so I likely wouldn't use it in conjunction with compiz-fusion all the time, but having that option would be nice. Thanks for posting such a great idea. :)

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    well the same for me, it would be a great feature to have this in icewm !!