#902 Should ignore desktop window in quickswitch and windowlist?

net wm-spec
icewm-1.3 (100)
Sérgio Cipolla

I reported a bug in pcmanfm asking for a window role for its desktop window so I could make it skip quickswitch and windowlist:

The developer said that it's IceWM that should ignore the window because it has

In fact I suppose IceWM already detects that as it's properly skipped from the taskbar but it shows up in quickswitch and windowlist.


    • summary: Should ignore desktop window? --> Should ignore desktop window in quickswitch and windowlist?
  • So basically IceWM skips desktop windows in the taskbar and the workspaces (skip_pager?).
    But I think it should also skip _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DESKTOP in quickswitch and windowlist as, like with pcmanfm, we may not be able to use custom rules in winoptions file with class,name and role.

  • As a sidenote - I'm sure it should be made confugurable (as it is in Openbox, for example) so users can choose to change focus on desktop too. Thank you.