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IceMUD / News: Recent posts

Project is fully in CVS.

The full project was recently added to CVS. All updates will now be done through CVS.

Posted by Shay Thompson 2003-10-16

Build 12!

I just released build 12, which has a bunch of bug fixes.

Please take note that almost everything done in build 12 was done last year. I'm going to start taking a fresh look at IceMUD and start implementing changes soon.

Posted by Shay Thompson 2003-10-13

CVS Repository Is Up

I finnaly took the time to put the project into the CVS Repository. Its now available for anonymous viewing.


Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-11-28

Assassin's Guild is up!

In order to further help the beta testing, a server has been setup at []. The server is called Assassin's Guild and is running the latest version of IceMUD. So telnet in and try it out.


Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-11-23


IceMUD and CConvert have gone Beta! Now its time for bug hunting. Any comments would be appreciated.

November 8, 2002
Added Compare, Create, GEcho, Help, Invis, Last, Mute, NoTitle,
Pardon, ReRoll, UnAffect, PoofIn, PoofOut, Purge, QEcho,
QSay, Read, Restore, SkillSet, Track, Uptime, Users, WizNet,
ZReset and ;
Added OLC for Items, Mobs, Sectors, Shops, Zones and Sectors
Updated Visible for new Invis command
Updated alias checking to allow for partial names
Updated so that the first user is LVL_IMPL
Fixed many of the canSee operations for Mobs and Items
Fixed a bug in GoTo, and updated with poof messages
Fixed a few bugs in act()
Fixed a color bug in Who
Fixed a text bug in Load
Fixed a Logon Exception bug
Fixed a some Shop bugs
Fixed a bug with drop all.XXX
Fixed Open <direction>
Fixed some color problems when fighting
Fixed a bug with equipment not ending up in corpses
Fixed a bug with removing equipment in a room with a special

Notes: tblUsers was modified with this build.  You can either drop the
       table and have the new version create a new one, or you can load
       up MySQL and run the following command:

ALTER TABLE tblUsers ADD sIP char(20), ADD sPoofIn text,
ADD sPoofOut text;... read more

Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-11-08

v9 is out!

It's not dead, just asleep.. This version implements a few features that I put in a while ago, and also fixes some recent bugs.

Added Aid, Backstab, Bash, Flee, Kick, Kill &amp; Rescue
Added Sneak, Hide, Visible, Steal, Title, Insult, Emote &amp; :
Added Advance, Send, Teleport, Stat, VStat
Updated Commands to be level specific \(ie, no Admin commands for peons\)
Updated the Install guide
Added Wimpy Systems
Fixed a bug with zones loading Items inside of Items
Fixed the Snake... [read more](/p/icemud/news/2002/10/v9-is-out--/)
Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-10-21

v8 has been re-released!

I apologize to everyone that wanted to get there hands on v8 last week. Apparently v7 was uploaded instead of v8. This has been remedied and is now available for download.

Again, I apologize.

Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-06-10

Updated 6.5.2002

Big update today.. lots of changes, fixes, and additions..

Added the rest of the Magic system
Added Ask, Whisper, Reply & Page
Added Message Boards
Added Thief & Magic User Specials
Added Skills System
Added Open & Close
Fixed nasty Equipment/World Items bug
Fixed a Shop bug using List
Fixed Group Battle bug
Fixed Gold description
Cleaned up the Look code
Cleaned up the Wear code

Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-06-05

Installation Guide

An install guide has been created to help everyone out. Its been placed in the Docs section. Please feel free to comment on anything you think should be added/changed.


Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-05-03

Updated 5.1.2002

Fixed nasty Get bug
Fixed some AC, HitRoll and DamRoll bugs with Users
Fixed Multi-Participant Battle bug
Fixed corpse bug
Added Group and its sub commands
Cleaned up say and tell
Added more Magic (Areas, Alter Objects, Summons & Creations)
Updated to support latest mysql driver

Fixed a small bug with Positive Alignments in the data file.
Updated the README

Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-05-01

Updated 4.18.2002

Added pour and fill
Updated DB for Users items to store values & weight
Added hold and grab
Updated Release Notes
Added Quaff, Recite and Use
Added Spells (Ouch! Not all but most)
Added Cast
Fixed Affection/AffectedBy Bug
Added Poisoned Food & Drinks

The next task is finishing spells, and then hopefully cleaning up the spell system. I plan on breaking it down like I did the classes, but not sure if that can be done yet.... read more

Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-04-18

Anyone out there?

As fond as I am of Java and Mud's, I find it disheartening that no one is inclined to post a message. I'd feel a lot better if I got some comments, be they good or bad, about IceMUD. So come on people, lets hear from ya.


Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-04-16

No Release this Week.

I have been away from the web for the last few days, and will be again for the next few days. I just wanted to shout out that I'm still here and will continue the work soon. I had to go to a Convention this week, and am still here, but will be back this weekend and might put out a release on Monday but not sure if I can push it that quick.


Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-04-09

Updated 4.1.2002

Fixed duplication bug in containers
Fixed a bug with HP of mobs and users
Fixed mana and movement bugs
Put battles on a thread
Added point updates \(Mov, Mana and HP\)
Fixed Equipment in Corpse Bug
Added Diagnose
Added Guild Guards
Added Player Age
Added Weather &amp; Time
Added Score
Fixed \*NASTY\* Fido bug
Improved Mob Activity performance.
Added Mayor Special
Added Eat, Tast, Drink &amp; Sip... [read more](/p/icemud/news/2002/04/updated-412002/)
Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-04-01

The Truth about MUX

I've decided to use a Multiplex system for game play. This will reduce the number of threads running at any given time greatly. Instead, most of the game maintenance will be run on threads so as not to effect the mux or in-game time.

The problem that I've run into is which mux do I use? 1.4 has a very nice mux built into the new I/O. The problem with that is that 1.4 is still relatively new. Most dev environments don't support it yet. Another way to go is to just use a code based mux, which I have a few of. None of which run as smoothly as the NIO's.... read more

Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-03-27

Updated 3.25.02

Things that have been added:

Hit (Yes that means you can now attack mobs!)
Updated Look to be more accurate
Added Put
Improved Get, Drop and Give to be more accurate
and use .'s
Implemented system wide Item .'s
Added who, whoami, clear and cls.
Added Classes & Races
Added title derived from class
Added Experience and Levels
Added follow

I'm not sure which way I'm going to go from here. I'm thinking of starting with skills, but I will probably try to finish off specials first.... read more

Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-03-25

Updated 3.17.02

The following has been added to IceMUD and CConvert.

Added Socials to CConvert.

Added: Socials, at, trans
Gossip, Holler, Shout, Grats & Auction channels
Color, ^, Specials: Bank, Janitor, Dump

All in all its a pretty nice submission. I am currently working on battles. I got a good chunk done today but not enough to add to the release.

Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-03-17


Added Shops to the converter.

Toggles & Prompt
Buy, Sell, Value and List
VNum and Load
Sit, Stand, Rest, Sleep and Wake

Note that all commands will atleast do something, but some will not really affect anything.
Toggles for example can be toggled, but are inoperative.

Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-03-10

CConvert has been added.

CConvert is a tool to convert CircleMUD Worlds to IceMUD worlds. It basically parses the files and puts them into your MySQL database so that IceMUD can get at them.

Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-03-05

The Beginning.

IceMUD has officially started.

The first release is .01 and is available in the downloads section. There are a limited amount of commands available, and no documentation, but its up and running.

Posted by Shay Thompson 2002-03-05