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iCompile 0.5.7 build system released

iCompile is a zero configuration build system for C++ projects under OS X, Linux, and other unix-like operating systems. It can compile most projects without a Makefile or other configuration file, making it ideal for students and hobbyists. The new release supports expanded rules for linking 3rd party libraries, Doxygen integration, and templates for common project types.

Posted by Morgan McGuire 2009-05-22

iCompile 0.4 Released

iCompile is an automated build system for C++ projects on Linux and OS X that requires no configuration ("goodbye, Makefile"). The 0.4 release topologically sorts library dependencies (so *you* don't have to figure out whether -lSDL comes before or after -lpthreads in the link list) and adds .icompile and ice.txt files to allow project customization.

Download it now from:

http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/ice/icompile-0.4.tar.gz?download... read more

Posted by Morgan McGuire 2004-10-18

iCompile Automatic C++ Build System

iCompile 0.3 is a super-easy-to-use build system for Linux and OS X. Unlike 'Make' and other build tools, iCompile requires no configuration for a new project. Just run it with no arguments and it will automatically detect C++ source files, track dependencies, choose compiler and linker settings, and link against the correct libraries. It will even use Doxygen to generate documentation for your source code.... read more

Posted by Morgan McGuire 2004-10-05