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iCompile Automatic C++ Build System

iCompile 0.3 is a super-easy-to-use build system for Linux and OS X. Unlike 'Make' and other build tools, iCompile requires no configuration for a new project. Just run it with no arguments and it will automatically detect C++ source files, track dependencies, choose compiler and linker settings, and link against the correct libraries. It will even use Doxygen to generate documentation for your source code.

Download iCompile from:

Of course, you can customize per-user and per-project include and library directories, choose a compiler, and set several other options. But the magic of iCompile is that the default configuration works for most projects.

This release contains a new manual and several new features like a --quiet option, the ability to automatically build static and dynamic libraries, and new configuration options.

Posted by Morgan McGuire 2004-10-05