Creating folders in calendar server

  • Pradeep


    I am using Mac calendar server to create events.

    I am able to create event sucesfuly using ical4j libraries.

    Now I have a requirement where in I need to create reminders in calendar server and I can use VTODO to achieve the same.

    By default the reminders are stored in tasks folder of an user account in server.

    Now I need to create reminders in other folders other than tasks, so is there a way to create folders (Calender Collection) in ical server using ical4j.

    Following are the listing of the folders in a user account which shows up by default

    Name Size Last Modified MIME Type
    calendar/ ? 2013-Oct-01 17:01 (collection, calendar)
    dropbox/ ? (collection, dropbox-home)
    freebusy ? text/calendar (free-busy-url)
    inbox/ ? 2013-Oct-01 17:12 (collection, schedule-inbox)
    notification/ ? (collection, notification)
    outbox/ ? (collection, schedule-outbox)
    tasks/ ? 2013-Sep-30 19:01 (collection, calendar)

    I must be able to create (Collection, calendar ) folder parallel to these folders and create my reminders in new folder

    Thanks in Advance.