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2.0 Release date

  • Since 1.5.0 was released I would like to start topic regarding 2.0 :)
    Or maybe at least 1.5 with minimal JDK version increased to remove backport-util-concurrent


  • Ben Fortuna
    Ben Fortuna

    Hi Maxim,

    Yes the 2.0-beta1 release is the current focus, and to achieve this I am looking to work on the following features:

    • finish updating to use Java 5 features such as generics, autoboxing, etc. to make the code a bit more concise and useable.

    • I would also like to update ical4j 2.0 to follow the rfc5545 (ical4j 1.0.x is based on rfc2445) - this may not be fully implemented before the beta release, but that is a focus

    • also update javadocs (based on rfc5545)

    If you have time to contribute to any of these features feel free to fork the repo in GitHub and create a pull request of any changes you think are worthy of inclusion:


    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.