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Iron Bars restricted Shell for Linux / News: Recent posts

Debian package

Vincent Deffontaines has compiled a debian package for ibsh. The .deb file is already available in the ibsh-binary package.

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2006-05-02

Version 0.3e released

Minor security fixes. Recommended to upgrade.

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-06-03

Version 0.3d released

This release features the fix of a major security hole.
Every user is strongly encouraged to update.
md5 key:

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-05-23

Version 0.3c released

0.3c features important bugfixes.

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-05-14

Version 0.3b released

Version 0.3b with many bugfixes, including the Makefile bug fix, and the removal of messages about illegal files, has been released.

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-05-11

Md5 checksum for the modified source tarball


Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-04-08

Linking bug fixed!

The output file name in Makefile has been accidentally removed. Please download the now fixed source tarball. You can also fix it yourself by modifying the ibsh rule in Makefile like this:
${CC} -o ibsh ${OBJECTS}
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-04-08

Linking bug in ibsh 0.3a!

Unfortunately, there is a problem in the new source release.
For a reason, so far unkown to me, ibsh wouldn't link!
Please use the binary release, since that works, as long as
i havent posted a solution.

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-04-08

Version 0.3a released, here are the md5 checksums

Both the source and the binary release of ibsh v0.3a is now available. Minor bug fixes, and important new and renewed features are introduced. Please read the release notes and the changelog. An upgrade is recommended.
md5 checksum for the source release:
for the binary release:
90ecaeddc90eaed81000dfc82a897b08 .

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-04-07

Binary version of ibsh-0.2a released

For those who have a hard time compiling ibsh (known problems on sid, for example), we published a binary releae, compiled on debian woody. The package also contains the source in a tarball in case you would like to read it. Read the INSTALL file for installation. The md5 checksum is:
8a60af4b2392d457803a645ff8c70aa0 .

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-03-29

Version 0.2a md5 checksum and makefile change

Here is the checksum for the tar.gz .
One more thing:
The makefile of this release also features an uninstall routine, for those who changed their mind.
# make ibsh_uninstall

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-03-29

Version 0.2a released

This release features many bugfixes, hardening everywhere possible, syslogging. It is stable and secure. Erasing illegal content is suspended, but under development.

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-03-28

Config files are missing from the beta release

I am sorry, but i have made a mistake by the 0.1b release. It doesnt contain the 2 configuration files. You can get them by downloading the 0.1a release, found in the Files section.

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-03-28

Version 0.1b released

The beta release of the 0.1 version introduces major bugfixes, addressing the bug reports here at sourceforge, and at freshmeat.

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-03-26

Version 0.1a uploaded

The project ibsh took shape today, as i uploaded the first ever version. I fixed all bugs that i have encountered, but some still could pop up. I welcome any suggestions, comments, bug reports, etc. about Iron Bars Shell.

Posted by Attila Nagyidai 2005-03-24