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#1 What id like to see for next version

Johnny aka Pern

I like you program alot..JUST WHAT I was looking for.

heres what im running:
Component Version
IBserver Control Panel 1.0
Apache WebServer 2.0.44(Win32)
PHP Script Language 4.3.0
MySQL Database 4.0.9-gamma
phpMyAdmin Database Manager 2.4.0-dev
PHP-Nuke Web Portal System 5.6

i posted the below sugestion in the help forum too.
heres a few more

the index.php page you have now made into an admin
page. so it can be kept in the system.
i always have to change them to another name alot of
times changing it to index1.php and forgettting all about

if you make a admin section you can lock it as well with
htaccess. and alow for ather things to be on it too.

i have alot of managment things i use for my systems.
but on this one the logical things would be starting with
what you have for index.php moving it to /admin keeping
the rest of the structure intact and asking for a
user/password durring install and making the htaccess

maybe adding a favrites section so the user/admin can
add there own links there too.

for the most part you should be able to pull the versions
of each apache,mysql etc from there versions live so the
page yo have with the versions in it does not have to be
hard incoded. you can have php look this up for you in
the same include file with a little modifications.

make a apache,php,mysql ini interface (something i
saw one time) so you dont have to keep truding thru the
ini's to change one thing. (this maybe an add-on or
another program to help out others too) I know id love
as well as a vertual addon that writes the section to it to
easly add onother host.(again spreate add-on or
program all together)

i see you acounted for difrent colors for the index page..
sorta like skins great thinking...that makes it nice.

there was something else id like to see too but i forgot
what it was while i was typeing this all out..if i remeber
ill post it..

thanks for the great program (and if you dont use my
sugestions that be ok. there just ideas)

aka Pern

_____________________ what i posted in help forum
Sugestion would be to make a devlopment version for
thoses of us that want to play with it.(like me). if youd
like id be happy to make that edition if you pass the
sorce along to me, or something along those lines.
id like to see a working version with the above config.
i have both apache 1/3 and apache 2.0 working on my
system the monitor will reconize both if apache 2.0 is
under apache's dir ie
so if you have both versions installed it works pretty well
in reconising the other ones.

some thing i noticed when playing witht he registry
keys. you only suport 1.3 so youd have to alow for
paths to 2.0

it seams pretty easy to have a branch out from each
curent stable version and a devlopement version if you
keep your same key structure..
and alow for each item to be placed in its OWN dir path.
much the way you save ibserver and apache's paths
now as keys. just fallow along for the rest then a version
would not be a problem and it can be installed all ready.
have the program look this up when installing. look for
common install paths for the programs(get the installs
from there perspective sites for he paths(or ask me and
i furnish the default paths) if it finds it you can esaly
look for he version, if you have a newer one in your
install pack ask the user if theyed like to upgrade or
keep there version,then skip or install as needed.) this
would alow for already installed versions and alow fo
upgrades too make a section where the user can
change the path of the version too. this again would
alow for not curent versions to be upgraded by the user.
bare in mind yod have to alow for full path names for
each like apache monitor is seprate from apache server.
if yo did this i think youd have a great installer and front
end..thats my two sence in it all.
id be happy to help you do this as it be really easy to
do this as you have most the hard work done already.
bare in mind if you put apache 2.0 and php 4.3.0 on the
same machine as xp you have to do the new service
pack 1 for windows as it will NOT RUN any other way.
if youd like help makeing a help system or anything
please ask me id be happy to help you as this is a
great program.

akak Pern


  • Eric Dickman
    Eric Dickman

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    Hey Johnny
    Thanks for great suggestions. This kinda started as
    something just for myself to use to ease my php/mysql
    testing locally. But I figured there were probably others with
    the same needs.

    Some of your suggestions I'd never have thought of but are
    great ideas. One thing I am looking into is making an
    interface for the configuration files. I personally hate them so
    it would be a nice tool to have. So I will definately take all
    these ideas into consideration. I'm new to SourceForge and
    I'm still getting used to it but I may soon take you up on your
    offer for assistance. I just have a couple web projects I have
    to concentrate on for a couple of weeks before I get fired :)

    I'll be posting the code after I make a few more comments in
    it and then maybe we can talk about it. Feel free to email me.

    Eric (I'll be in touch)

  • Eric Dickman
    Eric Dickman

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