modem phone number

  • Brandon Murphy
    Brandon Murphy

    I am curious, I am using Digium, IAX, Hylafax in order to test a fax server for work. we are doing testing on the modem numbers and am curious as to what other files (other than /etc/IAXModem and /var/spool/hylafax/etc/ ) would have some config with the modem and the #s associated to the modems, if there would be any. we are planning on testing our box with 86 different fax-email numbers and obviously dont want 86 different modems. but we need to know is there a specific file that tells which modem is which number in order to set this up to run multiple calls parallel instead of in serial.

    thanks for any help anyone could give me, my apologies as I am a little green in the department of modems...

    • Lee Howard
      Lee Howard

      Your Asterisk dialplan defines which modems are associated with which number.