IAXModem getting "wedged"

  • I have four IAXModem 1.1.1 instances running on a Trixbox 2.6.1 machine that has been upgraded to asterisk 1.4.23.  A ring group handles calls into this "fax pool", and until today was setup to ring the first available extension.  Hylafax 4.4.4 is the back-end.  It has been running now for two months and handled several thousand faxes swimmingly.

    I have now had three occasions, however, where hylafax reports the first modem in the pool as "wedged", and if I call into the fax pool I get dead silence.  I suspect the first modem is still answering the call, but is in such a state that it does not provide the fax tone.  And hylafax cannot seem to talk to it at all.

    Restarting with "service iaxmodem restart" solves the problem, which I now have as a cron job in the middle of the night, just in case.

    Today it happened in the middle of the day and I had to do it manually.

    Is this some kind of known issue?



    • Lee Howard
      Lee Howard

      No, not a known issue, although you're welcome to upgrade iaxmodem... but I don't think that it will help.

      Do those incoming calls which reach silence generate a HylaFAX session log?

      What does the Asterisk CLI say about those calls?

      Did iaxmodem crash entirely... or is it just unresponsive?