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CallToken Support?

  • Will CallToken support be added to IAXmodem?  I lost a day of my life to a hylafax server that stopped working because of an "improvement" in security which required me to add an override to the IAX configuration in iax_general_custom.conf:

    calltokenoptional =

    maxcallnumbers = 16382

  • Lee Howard
    Lee Howard

    The CallToken support will need to come from libiax2.  If the support exists in libiax2, then I just can update libiax2 in IAXmodem, and voila.

    Note, however, that the CallToken security feature was implemented by Asterisk developers knowing full-well that it would break backwards compatibility.  One would think that they could have placed warnings at the end of the Asterisk ./configure script or make operation.  There have been very few people who have not been caught unaware by this change.

    Normally I just add this to the iaxmodem account in iax.conf: