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Ubuntu and IAXModem

  • Hello,

    Today I've tried to run IaxModem under my Ubuntu feisty.
    I can Install the package without problems ... what happens is that I must add  iaxmodem in inittab :

    iax:2345:respawn:/usr/local/bin/iaxmodem ttyIAX&> /var/log/iaxmodem-ttyIAX

    And since Ubuntu 6.06 inittab file doesn't exists anymore and was replaced by /etc/event.d

    Does anyone can give an hand to adapt inittab line to event.d syntax ?

    Many thanks for your help

    • Lee Howard
      Lee Howard

      I don't know about event.d, but you can always launch iaxmodem in daemon mode from your rc.local script or through an init.d script.  Sample init.d scripts are provided in the source tarball.  Documentation about daemon mode is found in the README in the source tarball.  See also: