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Version 1-3c released

Minor bug fix. The middle intial is no longer required for reviewer accounts. Setup reviewer account now has mandatory field enforcement.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2008-08-26

Version 1.3b released

Fixes bug in reviewer functionality introduced in 1.3a. Basically changes to some file extensions from php to inc.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2008-02-08

Version 1.3a released

Addresses a file include security vulnerability if "register-globals=On" in php.ini.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2007-11-27

Security patch coming

Please ensure register globals is set to off (the default since php 4.2) in php.ini to avoid any vulnerabilities. A patch to address this concern will be released ASAP.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2007-11-26

Version 1.3 released

Many bug fixes and changes to run on php 5.2.4. Better program management. Manual control of phase for users and reviewers to allow for late submissions, reviews etc.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2007-11-23

Version 1-2a released

Addresses an installation problem resulting in black screen or mysqlconnect errors.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2006-04-21

Version 1-2 released

Numerous fixes. Administrators can now customise colours with css files via the webbrowser. Multipart file download is supported via the web to backup paper archive.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2006-03-23

Version 1-1a released

Replaces Version 1-1 and fixes file uploading bug.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2005-03-19

Problem uploading with V1-1

Users have experienced a problem uploading papers with V1-1. A update should be released next week to address this.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2005-03-19

New Release V1-1

This is a major release. Includes support for PHP5.0, CDROM production, scheduling and program design.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2005-03-08

Commence is out of Beta

Some very minor bugs were corrected for the version 1 release to make way for the new release. The next version will have major database and functionality changes.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2005-01-21

Support for PHP5.0

Version 0.91 Beta was developed on PHP4.3.3 and has some errors under PHP5.0. A version supporting php5.0 and incorporating many other changes including program design, full CD Rom production, and registration support should be released in about November.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2004-10-05

New Release Beta 0.91

The Beta 0.91 release is mainly bug fixes. The version currently under development will support significant customisation and internationalisation. It will also provide support for full technical program design and CDROM production.

Posted by Brian Lovell 2004-08-12