#49 hourly false alerts - source detection?



great tool, thank you! I also use uAlertMe.
To make iAlertU completely useful for me I need to figure out one little issue:

iAlertU seems to generate an false alarm nearly every hour on my iMac 27" Mid-2010. I tested it with an untouched machine for two weeks (I was on a vacation) and the house was entirely empty.

Is there a way to figure out the exact alert trigger source? “collect potential triggering devices” does nothing noticable. The Readme does not exactly explain what actually should happen. Should the list be auto-filled with all available devices so that I'm able to pick the ones I want? As I said, nothing happens, even when I delete the entire list it stays empty after pressing the button and waiting the given time.

Any idea?

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  • Peter Easdown
    Peter Easdown

    Firstly, and this isn't me trying to palm off an interesting problem; the app isn't really designed to work on an iMac, but there's no reason why it shouldn't.

    Does the trigger happen at a regular time each hour, or is the "hourly" just approximate?

    The trigger collection mechanism as you've noticed doesn't let you leave it running indefinitely.

    Could I suggest that you run the "Console" app, and grab from the system console, a copy of all of the iAlertU messages? That done, please sanitize it , stripping out any private info such as ip addresses or lat/long's. If you can pass that through here as a file, or direct to me via email, I can take a look to see what might be triggering the app.

    If you can identify a time that the alarm went off, it will also make it easier to identify an alarm in the log that shouldn't have happened.

    I would guess at this point that some device is waking up periodically, and in doing so, the device state monitoring in iAlertU is triggering an alarm. Have you tried turning off the device state monitoring?

    What devices are connected to the iMac?

    The traces in the log should make it easier to work out what is happening.



  • Peter Easdown
    Peter Easdown

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