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Hyperic HQ Beta 7 Available

The Beta 7 builds intended as Release Candidate 1 (RC1)for open source and enterprise editions are now available:
Open Source - http://www.hyperic.com/downloads/simple-beta-reg.html
Enterprise - http://www.hyperic.com/downloads/simple-ee-beta-reg.html

To see all the features available in the HQ 4.0 Beta, check out the HyperCAST replay at: http://www.hyperic.com/demo/hypercasts.html

Get involved in the Beta Program - log bugs, improve HQ and get some sweet Hyperic swag in the process - everyone gets a Hyperic Hero Mousepad, 50 points gets you a Hyperic Travelmug, and 100 points gets you that Hyperic Fleece you always wanted. To participate:

Posted by Stacey Schneider 2008-10-21