HQ 3.1 Beta Now Available

HQ Beta Warning/Disclaimer

Note that the HQ 3.1 beta, while quite usable,
will have some bugs and is definitely not
recommended for production environments. While we
welcome user testing of this beta, we discourage
users from upgrading from 3.0.x to 3.1 Beta. Once
HQ 3.1 is released, we will provide a supported
upgrade path.

Hyperic HQ is the most complete IT management solution for open source and commercial infrastructure. Version 3.1 is the next release of Hyperic HQ, which is currently undergoing beta testing.

Binary Downloads

* 3.1 HQ Beta 1 Release Binaries: hosted by SourceForge

Installation Instructions

* Installing for the first time? Read the Install Guide


* Need more help? Visit our Support or read the Forums

New Features and Enhancements in 3.1

* Expanded Alert Features - Introduces the Alert Center

for central management of alerts in a flat hierarchy, Alert
Resolutions descriptions track how to resolve problems,
expanded alert email detail to include indicator metric data
and previous alert resolution.

* Performance and Scalability Enhancements -

Dramatically improves out-of-the-box scalability for large

* MySQL - MySQL 5.0 and above is now a supported

database backend for the Hyperic HQ environment, and the HQ
plugin for MySQL has been further enhanced for greater
management detail.

* Embedded Contextual Help - Improved context-sensitive

help detail, configurable option to display up-to-date help
remotely from support.hyperic.com or locally, and local web
pages can be customized and expanded for unique deployment

* Localizable UI - The entire Hyperic HQ UI and help

pages are now customizable for users to alter or translate
UI elements. Sharing of translations is encouraged through a
new area on the HyperFORGE.

* Extended Product Coverage - The new Hyperic HQ

distribution bundles support for over 13 new products
including notables such as Zimbra, Informix, and OpenLDAP
now deployed in the agent by default.

You Can Help!

* Bugs: Did you find a bug? View our Jira to see if it's

been logged, or report the issue in HQ Bug Forum.
o Please include the configuration info for your
deployment including the build number, OS version, RAM, and
JRE version (if you are using your own JRE).

* Questions: If you have questions about getting HQ

installed or about new features:
o Visit our Support, or
o View the Forums

Posted by Hyperic Team 2007-07-10