Hi Doug,

One way to look at the ControlTier framework is that we "extend Ant for use as a deployment tool" ... i.e. ControlTier is a Java framework whose systems or module language is Ant.

We've traditionally stuck to application life-cycle process automation (web applications based on Apache HTTP, Tomcat, JBoss and a host of other platforms), as opposed to system provisioning (like Puppet or Chef, etc), but you're probably aware that there is a degree of overlap  between these domains of activity.

It's here that I'm interested in Sigar Ant tasks. It would be really sweet to use your library to gain access to system state values of one sort or another ... a bit like Puppet's "Facter" facility if you're familiar with that. Even at the simplest level such data would be really useful. For example, we could include checks in our implementations to ensure sufficient disk space is available ahead of installing a software package, etc.

We do have bindings to all sorts of other scripting languages (notably Groovy) so we can leverage library that way; it's just that Ant is the easiest way to integrate with our existing libraries of modules.



On Feb 24, 2010, at 10:57 AM, Doug MacEachern wrote:

Hi Anthony,

The only Sigar ant tasks that I'm aware of are for building the native binaries.  Interested to hear what you had in mind?

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