#4555 [HHQ-4519] PostgreSQL plugin - Need to update configuration

Hyperic Team
Hyperic Team

PostgreSQL plugin - Need to update configuration directions in Configuration Properties.

The directions in the configuration properties for Configure PostgreSQL 8.4 for Monitoring need to be updated with correct information.

Currently, the following is stated:

Configure PostgreSQL 8.4 for Monitoring

Monitoring of PostgreSQL is done through the statistics collector. For PostgreSQL to collect these metrics, they must be enabled by modifying the statistics parameters in postgresql.conf.

The parameters required for monitoring are as follows:

stats_start_collector = true

stats_block_level = true

* stats_row_level = true

An optional setting is to set stats_reset_on_server_start = false so that a database restart will not cause gaps in the monitoring data.

Make sure to restart PostgreSQL after making the changes to postgresql.conf.

Also note that some metrics like 'Index Space Used' and 'Database Space Used' will only be incremented after vacuum or analyze is run.

For more information see the PostgreSQL Documentation

Starting with PostgreSQL 8.3, there was chnages in administrative server parameters:

stats_start_collector has been removed - they now always start the collector process, unless UDP socket creation fails

stats_reset_on_server_start has been removed - removed because pg_stat_reset() can be used for this purpose

* stats_block_level and stats_row_level have been merged into track_counts

These changes need to be reflected in what actually needs to be set for monitoring.

Expected Result:

Configuration directions and Information is correct for what is requried for monitoring

Actual Result:

Information no longer pertains to PostgreSQL 8.4 (and 8.3) versions

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Install and start agent on platform running PostgreSQL 8.4

2. Log into Hyperic.

3. Add PostgreSQL platform in to inventory from auto-discovery

4. Select PostgreSQL platform -> PostgreSQLserver

5. Select Inventory tab

6. Click edit button in Configuration Properties

7. Note the Configuration directions are not updated to reflect PostgresQL changes



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