#11 moving synced clips causes two problems

Robert Purser

When you select and move a video clip plus the sound clip (which was
originally part of the video clip), two problems occur:

1. First, the audio and the picture move to the same location. Then
the picture clip (and probably also the audio clip) jump to the next
available sample. In the case of the picture, it jumps to the nearest
frame (backwards or forwards, as the case may be.) The audio clip
probably jumps to the next audio sample which is extremely tiny
compared to the jump of the picture.

This tiny bug is probably the most annoying in HyperEngine (when
editing a scene with sync sound.) Here is why!

When you move one clip along the timeline, this bug does not seem
significant. This is easy to live with.

But then you move a second (third, and forth film clip), suddenly, this
becomes a great problem. When the second clip is butted against the
first clip, there is always a gap in the audio or the picture. 25% of the
time, this unnatural gap creates a missing frame (blank frame) between
the two butted clips.

This is NOT good. Any way you try to fix this problem moves the
audio/picture sync that much more out of alinement.

2. However, there is another bug which masks this first bug. Instead
of completely jumping to the nearest frame, the picture of the sound
clip are lengthened somewhat. This is physically impossible in the real
world. Therefore, this is really not good.

Both bugs need to be fixed before any sync sound editing can be done
using dramatic scenes with scripted dialog. It just gets too messy
trying to do it with the current software. This might be the smallest
bug but it really is a show stopper for serious editing.


  • Robert Purser
    Robert Purser

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    Correction: "the picture or the sound clip are lenghtened somewhat" (Should be
    "OR" and not "OF".)