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Hydrogen / News: Recent posts

Hydrogen first 0.9.4 beta1 released

Posted by Alessandro Cominu 2008-09-07

v0.7.2 released

Yahoo! ;)
After 6 months of development is born Hydrogen 0.7.2, featuring Oss, Jack audio drivers, export to disk, Midi input and more...Try it!

Posted by Alessandro Cominu 2003-01-04

0.7.1 release

New release with a completely new graphical interface (now written with gtkmm), is not complete, but is a little step forward... :P

Posted by Alessandro Cominu 2002-07-03

New website

There's a completely new homepage for the Hydrogen project!!

yes...I know something is missing but I'm developing 0.7.1 release that will be released very soon.. :)

Posted by Alessandro Cominu 2002-06-17