2012/6/13 m.wolkstein@gmx.de <m.wolkstein@gmx.de>
Am Wed, 13 Jun 2012 07:55:38 +0200
schrieb Thijs van severen <thijsvanseveren@gmail.com>:

> Hi guys
> I'm having some problems with git currently:
> If i pull from the git repo all files are owned by root and i cant change
> ownership ¿¿¿
> After asking google it seems that this has something to do with the fact
> that my git user does not exist on my system so the files that i pulled
> using my git account are automatically owned by root.
> Makes sense i guess, but i still dont understand why i cant chown them? ?
> What would be the best way to fix this?  create my git user account on my
> laptop or create a new github user that does exist on my laptop or. ..
> Al tips are welcome!
> Grtz
> Thijs

hi thijs,
you must have problem on your local machine. normally a user have absolute no rights to
chown files to root. if i am right you pull the files as your normal user. if this is
true, you have a massive security hole on your system.


Hi Wolke
the really strange thing is that the files seem to be owned by root, but even root cant change the ownership
root cant even execute the build.sh script  :-S
so basically the files i pulled in are completely useless 

could it be that when i pull the files using my git account, then they end up on my system, but since that (git)user account does not exist on my system they get owned by 'no one' ? 


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