Hi Wolke

nice work !
is this an answer to http://www.assembla.com/spaces/hydrogen/tickets/202 ?

also, would it be possible to always sent instrument X to the main out and instrument Y to the monitor out ?


2012/5/2 m.wolkstein@gmx.de <m.wolkstein@gmx.de>
inspired by a forum feature request and my actually work on the h2drumbody i have create
a new h2 feature. i call it monitor output. beside the main output i create a second
stereo output called monitor. currently the implementation is completed with the jack
driver. all other drivers are prepared but currently return NULL. that is because i have
no audio hardware with more than two outputs for testing.

how it works?
it is possible to configure witch output event will send to the monitor.
current output events are:
 * metronome
 * instrument preview (clicking on instrument or editing (add notes) in pattern editor)
 * layer operation preview ( audio file browser audio preview, clicking on layers in
  instrument section)
 * monitor pattern ( listen to a corresponding activated pattern if the sequencer is
  running. this is currently not finished because i need an idea how user
  can enable/disable this. maybe it need a extra button in songeditor pattern list
 * sample editor play button pressed

all this events are configurable in preferences monitoring tab. here you can chose for
each event one of this options.
* Main out
* Monitor out
* Both
"Main out" is default

also in preferences monitoring tab you can adjust the amount of main mix to monitor mix.

in mixer window master section you find a new rotary. i placed it direct under the
swing rotary. the name of the rotary is simply monitor. here you can adjust the
monitor output level.

this implementation allow users to listen most editing actions on the monitor out.
if you play live you can listen to layer, instruments or edit and create patter while the
squencer is running and people outside only listen the music. also drummer which play via
midi can listen to the metronome while other only hear the sound.
the main to monitor mix amount rotary in preferences monitoring tab allow to adjust the
amount of main mix in the monitor output. important if you cannot edit connection as you
can do with jack or alsa. i am not sure if portaudio, coreaudio or oss can do such
operations. under jack you can siply connect main ous also to the monitor ouput channel.
naja, it works fine here and i will ask if we add this feature into the new 0.9.6, or if
we wait to add this into the next revision.

greetings wolke

some desktop screen shots will follow.

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