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CVS server is up

The CVS server for The Free HVAC/R Project is now up, set in the right way (not as before, with my little dirty trick).
We can now start developing seriously.

Posted by Tiago Tresoldi 2000-12-16

New Developers

Thanks to Sourceforge help system, many people have written to me wanting to join the project. You're all in, and thank you guys!

Posted by Tiago Tresoldi 2000-12-10

First releases

I'm starting to post the very first releases (versions 0.0.1x) of hvacr. Still not worth downloading except for the ones really interested, but it's now there.

Posted by Tiago Tresoldi 2000-12-04

Project Created

The Free HVAC/R Project has been created. Please visit our homepage at http://h to know more.

Posted by Tiago Tresoldi 2000-11-30