#88 bad netmail to point: netmailarea -b jam

Max Chernogor
hpt (33)
Stas Degteff

Report from Martin Foster 2:250/501

I've noticed that when hpt packs new netmails to Points,
it adds two spurious characters to the end of the TOPT
line. However, this does not happen when it packs
netmail replies. I can reproduce this with v1.2.1 under
both Windows and BeOS.

However, I've discovered that if the netmail area is stored
in JAM format, the problem is there but if it's stored in
*.MSG format, there are no problems whatsoever. So, it
seems to me that it's something to do with the JAM
message base.


  • This is quite old; will need to verify if the issue is still present and/or has already been resolved.