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Lack of updates

Just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates during the heart of the hurricane season. I am actually located in Central Florida, hence the reason why I started this project in the first place! :-) That and the fact that I have a Atmospheric Science and Computer Science background and the love for weather phenomenon and Mother Nature.
I know the beta release isn't ideal but I hope its helped many of you along this rough season. Please feel free to drop me a line or submit updates now that things have settled down.... read more

Posted by fury88 2004-10-11

Version 1.0 beta release!

Track This version 1.0 beta has been released. Now it has color Atlantic map along with the ability to load storms from Just load a storm year, select the storm via the dropdown, and select "Open Storm From Net". To introduce additional archives from previous years just create a comma delimited storm file on one line like this: "2004,Alex,Bonnie,Charlie,(etc)..."... read more

Posted by fury88 2004-06-06

First release just before Official Hurricane Season Start!

Track This! v0.9 Alpha is now available in the CVS repository. It is fully functional and will track one storm at a time. The release also includes 2004 storm names. Some parts are still not functioning properly but so far it is working well enough to use.


Posted by fury88 2004-05-25