Some successfull compiles...

  • Gergely Nagy
    Gergely Nagy

    I just saw this forum and oh well...

    I've been compiling some things for the Hurd,  so why not post a message.

    On the mailing list someone said that joe does not work correctly under Hurd, and one should use emacs. However, emacs is quite big...

    Mcedit is quite good, but not The Real Thing, that's why I tried LPE, the Lightweight Programmer's Editor (you can find it on freshmeat:). It works correctly with the Hurd, only four lines have to be added.

    In screen.c, copy the if block dealing with rxvt, delete the line about the delete key, so only the backspace remains, and change rxvt to mach and/or mach-color.

    After that. everything should work fine, and we'll have a quite small, yet nice editor.