Hunspell 1.2.2 released

2008-04-12: Hunspell 1.2.2 release:
- extended dictionary support to use multiple base and
special dictionaries.

- new and improved options of command line hunspell:
-m: morphological analysis or flag debug mode (without affix
rule data it signs the flag of the affix rules)
-s: stemming mode
-D: list available dictionaries and search path
-d: support extra dictionaries by comma separated list. Example:

hunspell -d en_US,en_med,de_DE,de_med,de_geo UNESCO.txt

- forbidding in personal dictionary (with asterisk, / signs affixation)

- optional compressed dictionary format "hzip" for aff and dic files
hzip example.aff example.dic
mv example.aff example.dic /tmp
hunspell -d example
hunzip example.aff.hz >example.aff
hunzip example.dic.hz >example.dic

- new affix compression tool "affixcompress": compression tool for
large (millions of words) dictionaries.

- support encrypted dictionaries for closed extensions or
other commercial programs

- improved manual

- bug fixes

Posted by Németh László 2008-04-14