#19 Warning for inprobable words


It would be helpfull if words could be flagged 'good chance it's a mistake'.

Example: in Dutch, there are words like 'kunne', which is rarely used, but correct.
Then there is the word 'kunnen', which is correct too, but often misspelled as 'kunne' by accidentally dropping the last n.

A warning level for this (different color underlining e.g.) would be nice.

A flag like /WARN could achieve this.


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    I think, this will be an option of OpenOffice grammar checker, but Hunspell 1.2.2 has some interesting feature to handle similar problems:
    forbidding dictionary words by personal dictionary words with asterisk:


    or using extra dictionaries:

    hunspell -d nl_NL,nl_rare (adding extra rare words)


    hunspell -d nl_NL,nl_forbidden (rare word substraction with FORBIDDENWORD flags:

    aff file:

    extra dic file (nl_forbidden.dic):

    Use this dictionary, if you want to check also rare words in your texts).

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  • Ruud Baars
    Ruud Baars

    The suggested options are not the general idea of the request. The idea is to add a warning level, not just in OOo, but in the api to the applications, like Mozilla. To convince app developers to support this, support in Hunspell should be there first. A word with a warning should also offer better alternatives. All it needs is reporting good, bad OR warning to the app calling, whichever that is.

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  • I have reopened this issue to add a working example of this feature by the combination of Hunspell and Lightproof (I believe, it doesn't affect Dutch grammar checking by LanguageTool).

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  • Implemented feature. Warning bit is accessible by return value of spell(). Warning level has already supported by the command line Hunspell via its new option -r.