#14 Move logic for locating the dictionaries to the library


Especially useful if the patch for 1731630 gets applied:

It would be useful to move the "locate the dictionary" code from the command line frontend to the library, so applications don't need to reinvent the wheel to figure out what parameters to pass to the Hunspell constructor.

A new

Hunspell(const char * language=0)

constructor (with language being set to getenv("LANG" / "LC_MESSAGES" / "LC_ALL") if it's 0) would be a nice way to add it to the API.


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    Unfortunatelly, OpenOffice.org and Linux distributions use different places for spelling dictionaries.
    Adding the dictionary search function of Hunspell executable to the library API seems comfortable.
    If you want an out-of-box solution now, use Enchant with Hunspell backend: http://www.abisource.com/projects/enchant/
    Thanks for the idea.

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    The additional constructor makes sense nevertheless -- applications that rely on dictionaries in other places can keep using the traditional way of doing things.

    Besides, some Linux distributions don't use different places for system dictionaries and OpenOffice.org dictionaries -- in Ark Linux (and probably a few others), OpenOffice.org uses the system dictionaries.