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recognizing part of speech

  • Hi,
    The morphological analysis can be used to recognize part of speech, e.g. drink -> verb and drinkable -> adjective, when you have an appropriate dictionary. Is this correct?
    However, has any one created such a dictionary which doesn't just cover a very small part of the existing word? (for english, german, french?) I couldn't find one.


    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, we have only Hungarian dictionary with POS data. Here is a public domain English POS database from Kevin Atkinson, based on Moby dictionary and Wordnet lexicon: For other languages, see Wiktionary, LanguageTool or other POS-tagging related projects.


    • Hi,
      thanks, LanguageTool  looks fine.
      Now I just need to figure out, how to use it in C++ in the best way...