#234 makealias corrupts .aff file


I have an .aff file that works just fine. I’m not sure if it has or not errors, but certainly Hunspell does not report them when using it.

However, if I apply makealias to it and to its .dic file, the resulting .aff file has errors that Hunspell complains about.

For example, after I use makealias, there is a line like this:

AF d # 192

Where d should be an integer. I also found another weird line:

AF 200,201,220,221,2iñer30,231 # 319

The “iñer” there should obviously not be there. There are around twenty lines reported as wrong by Hunspell after using makealias.

Archives with the .aff and .dic both before and after using makealias on them:


  • Possible problems: other awk (not gawk), encoding, bad characters (/) in the dic file. Could you attach your test files or send my gmail account (nemeth.lacko)? Thanks in advance, László

    • assigned_to: nobody --> nemethl
  • Latest files are now available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hunspell-gl/files/

    Either -volg or -community versions thrown the error (the latter just has more content).

    You mention “bad characters in the .dic file (/)”. We do have entries like “abafar/200,201,220,221,230,231 po:verbo ts:transitiva / intransitiva / pronominal VOLG: t i pr al:abáfar”. Is this syntax incorrect? (i.e. should I remove those “/”)

    Also, I’m using gawk 4.0.1.

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