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HUL OS / News: Recent posts

Alpha 1 Release

HUL OS has officially progressed to alpha with the release of the first WORKING build! It'll go on SourceForge as soon as I write the manual.

Posted by Zenithus 2005-04-11

Back on Track

After 3 months of inactivity, HUL OS is back on track! I'm recoding the kernel as I type this, and hope to have a working version out soon, with some nice new features.

Posted by Zenithus 2005-04-10

Kernel Redesigned

The kernel has been redesigned and the whole source code has been split into driver modules e.g. one for floppy disks, one for keyboard, one for HUL FS-1 etc. If you want to comment on this please feel free to do so.

Posted by Zenithus 2004-12-16

Help Wanted! FAT File System

I would like to include a library of FAT commands into the kernel, and I think the best way to do this would be to ask an expert on how the FAT12 file system works. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Zenithus 2004-12-15


THe first file system for the kernel, which is designed for 1.44MB high-density 3.5" floppy disks, is proving very hard to write into the kernel, however I will have a complete release very soon.

Posted by Zenithus 2004-12-15

Finally, HUL OS can begin!

With the SourceForge team now on our team, we can start actually writing this operating system properly. I want any ideas or suggests that anyone has, bear in mind that the OS is being written in Assembler to begin with, although this may change to C++ later on. For more information on HUL OS, goto http://hurstunlimited.myftp.org/projects/pub/hulos/

Posted by Zenithus 2004-12-07