Windows Setup Log

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[662a9a] (1.6 kB) by thePanz

+ Refactored Control Points generators scripts (names and languages string)
+ Control Point Generators are now stored into their own directory $INSTALLDIR$/CPG/
+ Added Autopano-SIFT-C multirow/stacked from Lemur build (autopano.exe and generatekeys.exe)
+ Added Clean registry settings during install (thanks Matthew Petroff)

2010-09-28 08:43:00 View
[de32f5] (1.5 kB) by thePanz

Fixed Autopano-SIFT-C 2.5.2 download and setup

2010-09-21 14:23:29 View
[3db6c8] (529 Bytes) by thePanz

Contro Points moved

2010-09-08 11:52:58 View