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Hugin / News: Recent posts

Ukrainian translation

Hugin CVS now features a Ukrainian translation, thanks to Serhij Dubyk

Posted by Bruno Postle 2006-03-26

Chromatic aberration correction tutorial

Transverse chromatic aberration is that annoying colour fringing in a photograph.

This new tutorial shows how to use hugin to calculate TCA correction parameters: http://hugin.sourceforge.net/tutorials/tca/

Posted by Bruno Postle 2006-03-17

Czech translation

Hugin CVS now has a Czech translation thanks to Jiri Slaby

Posted by Bruno Postle 2006-03-14

hugin 0.5 released

This is the first stable release of hugin.
Changes include: creation of cropped TIFF files for enblend. TIFF compression mode can be selected. Catalan, Chinese (Simplified) and hungarian translastions added.

Newsworthy changes in 0.5
* Added Catalan, Chinese (Simplified) and Hungarian translation
* Support TIFF compressions: NONE, DEFLATE, LZW
* option to create cropped tiff files for usage with enblend 2.4
* Mac OSX: fixed bug during calling PTOptimizer executable
* Windows only:
hugin is shipped with the pano12.dll build with MSVC.
This might lead to crashes when using PTStitcher.exe
In that case replace pano12.dll with

Posted by Pablo d'Angelo 2005-12-11

Catalan and Hungarian

Catalan and Hungarian language translations have been added to hugin CVS thanks to Albert Capellades Badia and Ballo Gyorgy.

Posted by Bruno Postle 2005-11-11

Chinese Translation

The latest hugin CVS now includes a zh_CN Simplified Chinese translation. With Dutch being added recently, this means that Hugin now supports 10 languages.

Posted by Bruno Postle 2005-09-26

Hugin 0.5 rc 2

Hugin 0.5 release candiate 2 has been released. Sourcecode and windows binaries are available on the download page.
Various bugs that lead to crashes have been fixed. Additionally, autopano-sift can now be invoked from hugin on windows.

Posted by Pablo d'Angelo 2005-09-18

Portugues Brasileiro

The latest hugin from CVS now features a Brazilian Portuguese localised interface. This brings the total number of languages supported to eight.

Posted by Bruno Postle 2005-08-31

Hugin paints a panoramic picture

Newsforge is running an article on assembling panoramic photographs with hugin: http://software.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=05/08/22/148209

Posted by Bruno Postle 2005-08-25

New hugin tutorials

This tutorial shows how to use d and e lens shift parameters to stitch a long series of photographs taken of a mural: http://www.dojoe.net/tutorials/linear-pano/

The second one covers using vertical and horizontal control points to re-align rectilinear photographs: http://hugin.sourceforge.net/tutorials/perspective/

Posted by Bruno Postle 2005-08-01

Hugin 0.5 rc 1

Release Candidate 1 of version 0.5 of hugin is now available from the download page.
In this release, the problems with using nona and enblend on windows have been resolved.
Also, the windows installer now includes PTOptimizer.exe and pano12.dll so that hugin is useable without any further downloads.

Posted by Douglas Wilkins 2005-05-17

Hugin 0.5 beta 7

Beta 7 is now available from the download page. This release includes the windows installer.

Posted by Douglas Wilkins 2005-05-16

Updated OS X release

At http://homepage.mac.com/ippei_ukai/software/ you can download a bundle of the latest OS X hugin and supporting tools. OS X hugin is now built with wxwidgets-2.6 which brings unicode and working toolbars.

Posted by Bruno Postle 2005-04-29

New OS X release

At http://homepage.mac.com/ippei_ukai/software/ you can download a bundle of the latest OS X hugin and supporting tools.

Posted by Bruno Postle 2005-03-30

New tutorial - Stitching flat scanned images.

http://hugin.sf.net/tutorials/scans/ This tutorial covers another non-panoramic usage of Hugin - Taking two or more partial scanned images of a large object, such as an LP cover, map or poster, and stitching them seamlessly into a single final image.

Posted by Bruno Postle 2005-03-29

hugin 0.5 beta3 released

hugin 0.5 beta 3 has been released, you can find the sourcecode and win32 executables on http://www.sf.net/projects/hugin

Changes from 0.5 beta 2 to 0.5 beta 3

- Support for cropping (only when using PTStitcher). It is possible to attach the crop to the d/e values, so that it will be recentered when optimizing d and e. Works quite well for my fisheye images.

- proper EXIF reading for rotated jpeg images - possiblility to optimize and stitch only a subset of all images in the project... read more

Posted by Bruno Postle 2005-03-12

hugin 0.4 is getting closer

the current snapshot has been tagged hugin 0.4 pre, and contains most features that the 0.4 will include

major changes from 0.3 beta.

- Improved UI consistency
- Panorama Druid
- speed up Preview Panel
- better Optimizer Interface
- Improved Control Point editor, with auto estimate
- nona, our new sticher, faster than PTStitcher. (currently a separate cmd line application, not integrated with hugin)
- support for reading PTAssember and PTGui project files
- fixed many crashes
- a lot of other stuff.

Posted by Pablo d'Angelo 2003-12-14