hugin: 0.8.0_beta4 testers release

A hugin-0.8.0_beta4 (beta release 4) tarball is available here:

This is a beta release, i.e. it may not work for you. The final release is likely to have further bugfixes.

Changes since 0.8.0 beta3:

* Updated Dutch, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese translations. Fix for crash when running Celeste in Japanese locale.

* Batch Processor is now fixed so only one instance can run at any one time.

* Batch Processor now doesn't crash immediately on Linux.

* Batch Processor has new icons.

* Several Fast Preview bug fixes including two fixed crashes.

* Various mac fixes.

* Various hugin fixes: help updates, layout bug in assistant tab, autooptimiser can now optimise shear parameters.

* Control point distances are computed on loading projects.

See README, ChangeLog and INSTALL_cmake for more information.

SHA1SUM: 21fcd6f444bbcdb11a7e49edce7eec7150f98b30 hugin-0.8.0_beta4.tar.gz

This release is equivalent to svn 3806, recent hugin binary installers for testing can be found here:

Posted by Bruno Postle 2009-04-27