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hugin-0.7.0 rc6 released

There is a release candidate 6 available in the sourceforge download area.

This is a release candidate, i.e. the final release may be identical. There have been a number of changes since rc5:

* Lots of OS X fixes including 64bit and gcc-4.2 support.

* All the relevant images from the manual have been added to Help, this increases the size of both the source tarball and compressed packages by about 1.5MB [bug# 2091014].

* EXR is no longer offered as an option for 8bit LDR output [bug #2102552]

* Japanese translation updated.

* Polish translation updated.

See README, ChangeLog and INSTALL_cmake for more information.

This release is equivalent to svn 3421

Posted by Bruno Postle 2008-09-16