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libpanorama Log

Commit Date  
[f87edd] by dmg dmg

2007-04-18 dmg <>
> * tparser.c, tparser.h: Renamed some functions to the tlalli naming
> standards. Added functions to parse projection parameters. Added
> functions to de-reference variables. Added a function to dump the
> content of the script variable. Fixed some bugs.
> * tparserprivate.h: Added this file to keep any declarations that
> are only required to by parser.
> * parser.y: Clear newly allocated memory for image specs
> * testparser.c: Added logic to dereference variables. Moved
> dumping of variables to a function in tparser.c

2007-04-18 16:28:05 Tree
[6295f8] by dangelo dangelo

added CMake based build environment and moved main()
from from tpaser.c to testparser.c

2007-04-11 09:45:53 Tree
[430d1a] by dmg dmg

First commit

2007-04-10 18:03:31 Tree
[f60c5c] by dangelo dangelo

directory for Daniels parser

2007-04-10 09:34:34 Tree