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These are UNIX only instructions, windows instructions will follow once
hugin is usable on windows.

hugin uses the following libraries. make sure that they are completely
installed (including dev packages)


 - wxwindows 2.4.0 or higher (libary and development packages)
    hugin uses the XRC extension of wxwindows to build its

    the XRC extension needs to be installed. You might
    need to install a wxwin-contrib (debian) or similar package if provided
    by your distribution, since most distributions do not include it
    in their default package.
    If you compile wxwindows from scratch, go to the contrib/src/xrc folder
    and compile and install xrc from there.

 - Panorama tools. Please DO NOT USE the versions from the original site.
   I'm using the version maintained by Max Lyons, which includes several
   important bugfixes. Other versions might work as well, have not been 
   tested by the developers.

   Download it from:
   http://www.tawbaware.com/maxlyons/pano12ml.htm (windows binary and sourcecode)
   http://bugbear.blackfish.org.uk/~bruno/panorama-tools/ (linux rpm & sourcecode)
 - make, version 3.8 or higher.
 - gcc (tested with 3.2, 2.95 might also work)


These are the instructions for linux. see the WINDOWS_COMPILE.txt
if you compile on windows.

do the following in the hugin directory:
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

If you need to compile wxWindows, please use the following steps:
$ bzip2 -dv wxGTK-2.4.2.tar.bz2
$ cd wxGTK-2.4.0
$ ./configure --with-gtk --with-opengl
$ make
$ cd contrib
$ ./configure
$ make
$ cd ..
$ su  ( login as root )
$ make install
$ cd contrib
$ make install
$ ldconfig
$ exit  ( exit the root mode )