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Diff of /utils/build_wxwin_msvc.bat [664d75] .. [811af5] Maximize Restore

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--- a/utils/build_wxwin_msvc.bat
+++ b/utils/build_wxwin_msvc.bat
@@ -1,16 +1,9 @@
 rem build wxwindows
-echo "In order to use the msvc project files, download wxWidgets 2.6,"
-echo "and create this source tree:"
-echo ""
-echo "hugin              <- hugin source code"
-echo "libs/wxWidgets     <- wxWidgets 2.6 source (rename wxWidgets-2.6.0 to wxWidgets)"
-echo "libs/boost_1_31_0  <- boost library, only the headers are needed"
-echo "libs/libpano       <- pano12.dll"
-echo "Press return to continue"
+@echo "In order to use the msvc project files, please read",
+@echo "windows_DOT_NET_compile.txt"
+@echo ""
 copy ../src/include/config_msvc.h ../src/include/config.h
@@ -20,3 +13,4 @@
 nmake -f makefile.vc BUILD=release UNICODE=0 SHARED=0 RUNTIME_LIBS=static
 nmake -f makefile.vc BUILD=release UNICODE=1 SHARED=0 RUNTIME_LIBS=static
+cd ../../../../hugin/utils