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Hugin Log

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[57ab9e] by Kay F. Jahnke Kay F. Jahnke

Use future statement to use only one version for Python 2.x and 3.x
Added inital install targets for Linux
(Still missing install target for non private lib version)

2011-02-09 14:45:29 Tree
[ad4e44] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

dedication framework for about menu

2011-02-08 23:46:44 Tree
[00f8fe] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

man pages are now generated within CMake process.

2011-02-07 23:44:15 Tree
[7a4d34] by tmodes

Fixes update of crops [713599]

2011-02-06 09:07:51 Tree
[6bc8b5] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

added Vladimir Nadvornik to authors

2011-02-05 14:40:35 Tree
[36e764] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

Vladimir Nadvornik's Stereo images alignment

2011-02-05 14:10:27 Tree
[67c31c] by tmodes

Install demo script to script folder

2011-02-05 10:58:06 Tree
[66f008] by tmodes

Some modifications for Python3

2011-02-05 10:52:42 Tree
[e1b641] by Kay F. Jahnke Kay F. Jahnke

Improved script interface and extended demo plugins

2011-02-04 17:30:56 Tree
[db62a1] by tmodes

Improved warning for invalid characters

2011-02-05 10:33:30 Tree
[00cf24] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/713170

2011-02-04 23:38:37 Tree
2011-02-03 22:26:48 Tree
[19aa88] by tmodes

Cleanup/Removed unused code

2011-02-03 20:33:59 Tree
[42d137] by tmodes

Refactored code
Use appropriate get/set functions instead of deprecated ImageOption struct

2011-02-03 20:08:37 Tree
[d82e40] by tmodes

Correctly update crop rectangle/circle if auto center crop is active [704884]

2011-02-03 19:43:50 Tree
[88ab9f] by tmodes

Fixes crash with hidden overview window [700896]

2011-02-02 20:47:50 Tree
[fa0e45] by tmodes

Allow also building without python support

2011-02-02 21:02:44 Tree
[33eb4c] by tmodes

Added some more fileformat specs

2011-02-02 18:35:23 Tree
[f10f5b] by tmodes

Updated format spec

2011-02-02 16:50:52 Tree
[ac32a2] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Fix quoting of linefeed in EXIF User Comment output.

2011-01-31 23:24:15 Tree
[cc3934] by tmodes

Show iso in images tab [709552]

2011-01-31 19:38:40 Tree
[532961] by tmodes

Write some project settings into final image [696636]

2011-01-31 19:28:19 Tree
[6004e7] by tmodes

Better calculation of ev when f-stop is missing [710392]

2011-01-31 19:27:30 Tree
[758f52] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

JPEG compression default 90

2011-01-31 12:39:06 Tree
[319e81] by tmodes

Bug fix to command history
Execute command after clean up history, otherwise undo does not work correctly with only one command in history.

2011-01-30 17:52:01 Tree
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