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=head1 NAME

pano_modify - Change output parameters of project file


B<pano_modify> [options] I<input.pto>


B<pano_modify> modifies a single Hugin .pto project.

=head1 OPTIONS


=item B<-o>, B<--output=file.pto>

Output Hugin PTO file. Default: <filename>_mod.pto

=item B<-p>, B<--projection=NUMBER>

Sets the output projection to number x

=item B<--fov=AUTO|HFOV|HFOVxVFOV>

Sets field of view.

AUTO: calculates optimal fov

HFOV|HFOVxVFOV: set to given fov

=item B<-s>, B<--straighten>

Straightens the panorama

=item B<-c>, B<--center>

Centers the panorama

=item B<--canvas=AUTO|WIDTHxHEIGHT>

Sets the output canvas size

AUTO: calculate optimal canvas size

WIDTHxHEIGHT: set to given size

=item B<--crop=AUTO|left,right,top,bottom>

Sets the crop rectangle

AUTO: autocrop panorama

left,right,top,bottom: to given size

=item B<--rotate=yaw,pitch,roll>

Rotates the whole panorama with the given angles

=item B<--translate=x,y,z>

Translates the whole panorama with the given values

=item B<-h>, B<--help>

Shows help


=head1 AUTHORS

Thomas Modes