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[124339] by dangelo dangelo

Added licence files for JHEAD, move VIGRA_LICENCE

2005-07-18 12:29:27 Tree
[bb6b8c] by dangelo dangelo

Removed obselete programs and sources with questionable licences
(KLT, and buggy sift implementation)

2005-07-18 12:06:01 Tree
[832ea4] by dangelo dangelo

try to fix gcc 4 compilation error

2005-07-18 09:45:36 Tree
[d38278] by dangelo dangelo

fixed crash on applying preferences on linux wx2.4 debug build.

2005-07-18 07:48:11 Tree
[314c33] by dangelo dangelo

small update to windows build system (copy xrc files into debug directory automatically)

2005-06-25 21:28:21 Tree
[04bef0] by dangelo dangelo

call the autopano-sift-win32 gui properly (need to close the namefile on windows, before running autopano)

2005-06-25 21:17:06 Tree
[bdbbcc] by dangelo dangelo

fixed crash that could occur when selecting a point, switching to a different
pair and trying to add a new point.

2005-06-25 21:13:42 Tree
[006eef] by dangelo dangelo

fixed sort by date order (hidden feature)

2005-06-25 21:08:47 Tree
[eba66e] by dangelo dangelo

removed obselete "seams" entry. "difference" now shows the difference between
the overlapping images in all cases.

2005-06-24 15:31:05 Tree
[64dd20] by dangelo dangelo

fixed crash on wxWidgets 2.4

2005-06-24 14:39:16 Tree
[8ad20c] by ippei ippei

update the mac compile helper script to use LINGUAS file

2005-06-22 23:44:33 Tree
[75fa12] by ippei ippei

Japanese translation update

2005-06-22 23:34:38 Tree
[94c0d1] by dangelo dangelo

added initial russian translation by Alexandre Prokoudine

2005-06-16 20:39:49 Tree
[996689] by ippei ippei

Mac:wxMac patches recommended/needed for compiling HuginOSX. They are submitted to wxWidgets sourceforge as well.

2005-06-14 17:15:43 Tree
[3d2cb1] by ippei ippei

Updated mac documents in text format

2005-06-14 16:56:41 Tree
[8aac93] by ippei ippei

Japanese localisation :)

2005-06-14 16:41:03 Tree
[a39c87] by ippei ippei

Mac: PT Detail dialog limiting the height (num of lines)

2005-06-13 12:24:52 Tree
[bc10d4] by ippei ippei

Mac: PanoTools detail using statically linked functions

2005-06-13 10:51:58 Tree
[fab627] by ippei ippei

Mac: renew config.h from the newest .in

2005-06-13 10:51:01 Tree
[9d953c] by ippei ippei

Using plain text instead in order to ease the version controling.
OSX style bundle files do not work very well with cvs, especially with sourceforge's configuration.

2005-06-11 20:39:54 Tree
[cf9692] by ippei ippei

Mac: removing the border around mainframe tab.

2005-06-11 09:50:01 Tree
[bf8cfc] by ippei ippei

Mac: fix font size to system default

2005-06-11 09:43:00 Tree
[0162d5] by ippei ippei

Saving the column width of image/control point lists.

2005-06-10 23:12:36 Tree
[157f7a] by ippei ippei

Changing English "Projection" to "projection" in Stitcher panel so that it matches with other labels spelled in lower case.

2005-06-10 22:50:55 Tree
[8d0117] by ippei ippei

fixed the problem with roll being reset and real time update of the lines

2005-06-10 13:27:40 Tree
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