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--- a/doc/hugin.pod
+++ b/doc/hugin.pod
@@ -28,9 +28,10 @@
 =head1 SEE ALSO
 align_image_stack(1)  autooptimiser(1)  calibrate_lens(1)  celeste_standalone(1)
-checkpto(1)  cpclean(1)  cpfind(1)  deghosting_mask(1)  fulla(1)  hugin_hdrmerge(1)
-hugin_stitch_project(1)  icpfind(1)  nona(1)  nona_gui(1)  pano_modify(1)
-pano_trafo(1)  PTBatcher(1) PTBatcherGUI(1)  pto2mk(1)  pto_merge(1)  tca_correct(1)
+checkpto(1)  cpclean(1)  cpfind(1)  deghosting_mask(1)  fulla(1)  geocpset(1)  hugin_hdrmerge(1)
+hugin_stitch_project(1)  icpfind(1)  linefind(1)  nona(1)  pano_modify(1)
+pano_trafo(1)  PTBatcherGUI(1)  pto2mk(1)  pto_gen(1)  pto_merge(1)  pto_lensstack(1) 
+pto_mask(1)  pto_merge(1)  pto_move(1)  pto_template(1)  pto_var(1)  tca_correct(1)
 =head1 AUTHORS