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2008-02-01  Pablo d'Angelo

    * MatchKeys.c: Corrected possible buffer overflow when many images
    are used.

2008-01-14  Pablo d'Angelo
    * CMakeLists.txt, CMakeModules: Added CMake based build system, only
    tested on windows so far.

    * *.c *.h: fix source for compilation with windows (mainly adding
    a lot of explicit casts).

2008-01-02  Pablo d'Angelo

    * Makefile, AutoPanoSift.h, DisplayImage.c: build against pano13
    by default.

2007-04-18  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <adl@gnu.org>

    * LoweDetector.c (LoweFeatureDetector_DetectFeaturesDownscaled): Do
    not erase img here, as it usually belong to the octave...
    * ScaleSpace.c (OctavePyramid_BuildOctaves): ... erase it here,
    if it doesn't.
    (DScaleSpace_delete): No point in cleaning memory before freeing it.
    * DisplayImage.c (DisplayImage_delete): Free self.
    * KeypointXML.c (KeypointXMLList_new0): Supply the keypoints'
    * AutoPano.c (main): Free the result of Component_ToString.
    (WritePTOFile): Free the imageNameTab hash and resolutions list.
    (RefineKeypoints): Delete the patches after they have been used.
    (ExtractKeypoints): Delete the temporary feature detector instance.
    * MatchKeys.c (MultiMatch_new0): Do not allocate
    filteredMatchSets and globalKeyKD, it's always done later before
    they are filled.

2007-04-16  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <adl@gnu.org>

    * ScaleSpace.c (DScaleSpace_GenerateKeypointSingle): Use calloc()
    instead of malloc() to allocate the orientation histogram as all
    bins may not get filled later (and they get filled with "+=").
    (Keypoint_CreateVector): Use calloc() instead of malloc() to
    allocate the feature vector.  From what I understand,
    DScaleSpace_CreateDescriptors() may not fill it entirely and
    the normalization of DScaleSpace_CapAndNormalizeFV() needs 0.0.
    * DisplayImage.c (DisplayImage_Carve): Initialize the result image
    with code duplicated from DisplayImage_ScaleSimple(), otherwise
    result->dest is NULL and the code crashes.
    * MatchKeys.c (MultiMatch_TwoPatchMatch):
    MultiMatch_LoadKeysetsFromMemory() acquires the keysets, so do not
    free this list afterwards.
    (MultiMatch_LoadKeysets): Error out if keypoints could not be read.
    * ImageMatchModel.c (MatchDriver_FilterMatchSet): Erase the
    returned model from the list of models, so it doesn't get freed.
    (ImageMatchModel_FittingErrorSingle): Delete the X and Xexptected
    * KeypointXML.c (KeypointN_clone): Allocate the descriptor
    for the instance being created, not the one being copied.
    * BondBall.c (BondBall_ToString): Do not output all decimals or
    it may overflow the allocated string.
    (BondBall_StretchImages): Print xs as an integer.
    * Transform.c (AffineTransform2D_BuildTransformFromTwoPairs): Return
    NULL if A2 and B2 are equal, do not abort.  ImageMatchModel_FitModel()
    expects this.
    * Makefile ($(OBJECTS)): All objects depend on AutoPanoSift.h.
    * AutoPano.c (RefineKeypoints): Delete old images.
    * LoweDetector.c (LoweFeatureDetector_DetectFeaturesDownscaled):
    Delete the imagemap.