autopano-sift-C Log

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[d9c482] (8.5 kB) by tksharpless tksharpless

Usable, needs work.
Reads PTGui & PTAsm projects; works with stereographic off;
Several command options still to be implemented

2009-07-27 11:11:03 View
[46d3a5] (8.5 kB) by tksharpless tksharpless

Major extension of APSC, now renamed autopano-sift-c, adds stereographic projection and reduces memory demand.
Source is in subdir APSCpp. Some bugfixes in libsift in addition to the change from double to float for image maps, which almost doubles useful image size for generatekeys as well as autopano-sift-c.

2008-03-01 02:58:39 View
[262685] (8.3 kB) by dangelo dangelo

Added CMake build system and fixed source, so that it compiles with MSVC.

2008-01-15 06:53:24 View
[26cac0] (8.3 kB) by dangelo dangelo

moved files to trunk directory

2007-05-29 23:51:18 View