#54 Unable to capture second cookie from autoredirect

Wolfgang Fahl

I am currently creating a test that will login to a
portal and then test various functions of the portal.
We use single sign in authentication with RSA and I am
having problems grabbing the second cookie which allows
a user into the portal.

Currently my code is:

//Define the URL for the website
WebRequest request = new GetMethodWebRequest(

//Get the form from the Login Page
WebResponse response = this.gotoSpecificPage(request);

//Get, Populate, & Submit the form
WebForm loginForm = response.getForms()[0];

loginForm.setParameter("user", "testdev09");
loginForm.setParameter("password", "Password1");


WebResponse submitResponse = loginForm.submit();

assertTrue( "Login not accepted",
submitResponse.getText().indexOf( "Bad username" ) != -1 );

From this code base I receive 2 cookie
JSESSIONID and CTSESSION. After submitting the form we
are assinged a JSESSIONID and


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    Wolfgang Fahl

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    The cookie issue is important - I'd happily work on it.

  • Wolfgang Fahl
    Wolfgang Fahl

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    Thank you for your Support Request for the httpunit project.
    httpunit is an open source project with very limited developer resources. The support of the project depends fully on it's community.

    Support Requests should therefore be directed to the httpunit mailing list. You can subscribe to that list via
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    If after some discussion you find that there is a bug in httpunit please try to prove so by checking out the latest trunk revision from svn. You might want to add a testcase in form of a JUnit Java source code that shows the problem and then suggest a modification with a patch. There are currently already around 700 JUnit Testcases so chances are you'll find a comparable testcase to start from.

    We'll happily add your modifications then to the svn repository.

    We are looking forward to your cooperation!

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    Wolfgang Fahl

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